We Are Resilient™
Program for Employee Wellness

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The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is creating tremendous strain for employees now working remotely and for families who may be in quarantine. We Are Resilient™ provides simple and practical skills for managers and team members to help alleviate this stress. Even when we feel we don’t have control over aspects of our lives, we can tap into our inner capacity for resilience to feel confident in the face of uncertainty. To help navigate this increasingly challenging time, managers and team members benefit from being able to recognize their protective patterns and leverage strong centering skills. We Are Resilient™ teaches practical skills to do both. It also offers leadership skills in connecting and collaborating with others to achieve your company vision and mission.

We Are Resilient™ can help your team members learn to identify and deal with their anxiety and worry by boosting their ability to center, connect, and collaborate. We provide training, consulting, and products that help your managers and team members create a caring and effective workplace of engaged and enthusiastic teams resulting in stronger performance and superior customer experiences.

Business Impact

  • Helps team members successfully navigate daily stressors, adversity, and sudden change such as working virtually due to COVID-19.
  • Enhances team productivity and performance utilizing skills to handle conflict quickly.
  • Enhances work culture and secures team member retention through a shared model, language, and experience of organizational resilience.
  • Superior customer experience delivered by centered, connected team members focused on the health and wellbeing of themselves and others.

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The We are Resilient™ Program for Employee Wellness is supported by our free open educational resource workbook, We Are Resilient™: Enhancing our interactions with our customers, our teams, and ourselves as well as a set of Resilience Skills cards to reinforce the practice. A set of family-focused materials, including a parent/caregiver guide and set of Resilience Skills family cards and posters can encourage team members to use We are Resilient™ at home.


We provide training and consulting support to guide the customization of We are Resilient™ Program for Employee Wellness, including resilience training for all staff to build cultural core competency, resilience leadership training for managers to strengthen their ability to support the growth of team members’ resilience, and a training certification program for HR staff to provide ongoing professional development for your company.



Products for Businesses

  • We Are Resilient™: Enhancing our interactions with our customers, our teams, and ourselves
    Our free Open Education Resource (OER) workbook lays out the fundamentals of resilience and its importance to the health and wellbeing of individuals, teams and organizations. It starts with protective patterns so you can self-assess your reactions to difficult situations in real-time and understand what is limiting you, helping you assess your growth over time. Next, in simple, yet powerful terms, it describes the specific skills that help us with centering, connecting and collaborating, illustrated with real-life examples and straightforward practices for each skill. It helps managers create a foundation to strengthen their resilience and provides a common language to share practical social and emotional skills with their team members. It also outlines best practices for implementing We Are Resilient™ at your company.
    Coming in Spring 2020
  • We Are Resilient™: Resilience Cards
    These pragmatic, easy-to-use cards are designed to supplement and reinforce the skill development in the We Are Resilient™ workbook . On one side, the cards present practical social and emotional skills that team members can use to strengthen their resilience; the other side depicts the research that supports each skill.
    Coming in Spring 2020

Products for Family Support

  • We are Resilient: Your Family’s Journey to Lifelong Wellness (Parent/Caregiver Guide)
    Coming in Summer 2020
  • We are Resilient™: Cards for Families
    Coming in Summer 2020
  • We are Resilient™ posters for family home use
    Coming in Summer 2020


Training and Consulting for Businesses

How can we enhance our interactions with our customers, strengthen our teams, and increase our personal resilience?

Resilience Training Foundation: Centering Skills

This foundation training starts by examining our protective emotional patterns, which can protect us in times of stress but also can get in our way. The main focus is to strengthen team members’ centering skills. Through interactive experiences and group discussion, we explore a set of practical and pragmatic social and emotional skills that we can use personally, with each other, and as a group to strengthen our resilience. It can be delivered in-person or as a virtual webinar.

Resilience Training Building Blocks: Connecting and Collaborating Skills

In this training, we deepen team members’ resilience skills in connecting and collaborating. Team members will have an opportunity to explore their personal resilience practices, reflecting on what is working and what needs adapting in order to strengthen their ability to center themselves, and connect and collaborate effectively with others. Significant time is allocated to exploring group dynamics and new agreements that can create sustainable and permanent change for improved organizational resilience and wellness within your company. It can be delivered in-person or as a virtual webinar.

Resilience Learning Circles

This in-person or virtual small group learning model works with up to 12 professionals and one lead coach in a video virtual learning environment. Sessions progress through the We Are Resilient™ curriculum in a sequential fashion that deepen the participants’ experience over six weeks.

Human Resources Coaching Certification

This is a professional workshop for HR staff, managers or other team members to learn how to lead We Are Resilient™ team member learning circles and ensure continuous learning and strengthening of the organization’s competence for practical social and emotional skills.


Dovetail offers a number of We Are Resilient™consulting packages, including:

  • Resilient Leadership executive coaching (traps and springboards) for executives and managers at any level.
  • Team coaching on how to use resilience skills in specific work situations (mining for conflict, difficult clients, etc.)
  • We Are Resilient coaches consulting for ongoing internal coach development

Dovetail also offers custom consulting packages to be mutually scoped and designed using our We Are Resilient™ centering, connecting and collaborating skills.