Thank you for your interest in Dovetail Learning, home of We Are Resilient™. If you are looking for Toolbox, as of December 31, 2019, we no longer represent that SEL program. (See below for more information.)

Many Toolbox users have found that our new approach, We Are Resilient™, provides missing critical support in adult SEL development. We have learned that the best way to support children is to support the adults who work with them. We Are Resilient™ strengthens social-emotional learning and resilience for Educators, Parents/Caregivers, and Healthcare Providers. Through this approach, Dovetail Learning provides wrap-around community support and helps those who care for children cope with their own stress, mitigate vicarious trauma, and combat burnout. Moreover, We Are Resilient™ is an Open Education Resource, so it is freely downloadable and adaptable for all.

To learn more about how you can access We Are Resilient™, contact us at or visit our homepage.

Dovetail Learning No Longer Represents Toolbox Project
December 31, 2019

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Dovetail Learning must abide by strict regulations to ensure compliance for the public good and ensure against benefit going to one individual or entity. In August 2019, we could not reach a nonprofit-compliant and sustainable agreement with Toolbox Project, LLC to continue to represent TOOLBOX™. As of December 31, 2019, fulfillment for TOOLBOX™ products and training occurs through the for-profit enterprise Toolbox Project, LLC., owned and operated by Mark A. Collin. Visit to learn more.