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Resiliency Learning Circles

  • We Are Resilient Introductory Circle: This initial learning circle introduces you to the We Are Resilient approach. Through virtual small group exercises, you will examine your Protective Patterns and practice simple, effective, research-based Centering Skills. These six-week sessions provide an opportunity to learn about yourself and learn from others in a supportive environment.
  • We Are Resilient Intermediate Circle: Once you have completed the Introductory Circle, you can dive further into the We Are Resilient™ approach. In this intermediate circle, you will learn and practice simple, effective, research-based Connecting and Collaborating Skills that will enhance your Relational Resilience and Group Resilience.
  • We Are Resilient Advanced Circle: The final circle is provided in four weekly sessions and examines more in depth the tie between each of the four categories of resilience and helps you gain more proficiency in Centering, Connecting, and Collaborating Skills.

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Creating Resilient Families (Series of free pre-recorded webinars)

Our set of Centering, Connecting and Collaborating Skills can help you create a family that encourages everyone to contribute at their own level. This series of pre-recorded webinars can help you work together and play together with more joy and become the family you want to be. The We Are Resilient™ Webinar Family Series covers Centering, Connecting and Collaborating Skills as well as accessing your own resilience. We also have some of the concepts in this webinar: We Are Resilient™ Accessing and Strengthening Your Resilience To Become a Better Parent Caregiver

Trauma 101 and Our Reactive Resilience

Over 60% of Americans have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). More than 1 in 6 of us have 4 or more ACE. The trauma that we experience may be a challenge that we are able to move through or it may have debilitating consequences. Either way, our “body keeps score.” It can be helpful to develop practical skills that will help us intentionally respond to life stresses rather than simply react, perhaps unhelpfully repeating what was ingrained in our body. This webinar provides simple, practical ways to honor what is and has happened while not repeating behaviors that create barriers to the future we want. Click here to view the webinar. 

Reducing Family Screen Time (free webinar)

Though “electronic babysitters” like our phones, tablets, TV and the computer may be an easy way to keep our children distracted so that we can get our work done, reliance on screens to occupy our children can have a long term consequence on their development. Moreover, when we as parents and caregivers spend too much time on our screens, that can also harm our childrens’ development. It is not just the negative content that children are exposed to, it is the social and emotional learning that they are missing by not interacting with you and others face-to-face. This webinar gives practical tips on how to reduce screen time and create the family connected family you envision.

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