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We have seen Kimochis in action, and it works for children.  We love the profound affect this program can have within a school community.  Kimochis look like toys, but they are communication tools that give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, and establish positive relationships in order to make responsible decisions. 

We are proud to be a licensed vendor for Kimochis, and we are excited about our Administrative Coaching model as part of our comprehensive MTSS consulting suite of services. We are honored to facilitate your Kimochis purchase and consult on your SEL program implementation.

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DESSA System

We care about what works in the field. With all that teachers have to do, we like things that are realistic and relevant for them to use given their day-to-day demands. Even before our official partnership, we had been recommending the DESSA mini as the most efficient and practical data tool for teacher screeners in the MTSS, data-informed decision-making reliable and accurate snapshot of student’s social-emotional competence. That is why we are thrilled at our formal partnership that allows Dovetail Learning to facilitate sales and DESSA System adoption, coupled with training and comprehensive SEL/MTSS consulting for success for implementation.

Reference: Assessment Considerations According to Dovetail