Our Mission , Vision, & Founding Principles


Dovetail Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening resilience in children and the adults who serve them.

Our mission: to help adults and children become their best selves through fostering resilience internally, in their relationships, and within their communities.


We achieve our mission by:


  • Leveraging decades of hands-on experience helping children, families, and professionals.
  • Delivering products and supporting implementation that build practical social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.

Dovetail Learning works through schools, pediatric clinics, and other organizations so that whole communities have a common language to foster wellness together and create a world of kind, connected human beings.

To disrupt cycles of trauma and to promote equity and healing in families across the generations, we are dedicated to changing how society approaches health and wellness at a human and systems level. We believe that an understanding of human development should be universally accessible to all, and the Open Educational Resources (OER) model (free and adaptable in any context) is the fastest and most effective way to reach those in need. We strive to scale our work to make it available to all who want it.


Our Founding Principles:


  • Resilience is an innate capacity that grows within authentic relationships.
  • Sharing our life stories about coping (and thriving) builds connection and belonging.
  • Inquiry-based conversation invites people to solve their own problems.
  • Emotions and feelings guide us to a deeper understanding of self.
  • Strong communities occur when kindness and trust create connection.