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Helping parents manage their stress and grow their resilience is exactly what we do. Additionally, if you are looking for great activities to do with your kids, we have got you covered. We also offer great products for those who work in education and healthcare. If you have any questions about our offerings please feel free to contact us at info@dovetaillearning.org.

We Are Resilient is an easily accessible framework of concepts and practices to help me both identify patterns in my thinking and behavior that reduce resilience, and practices to help me move beyond them. I look forward to sharing the information with my family.

~ Katharine G, Mother of 3

  • Personal and Professional Resilience Circle – Click “Select Options” to see upcoming dates

  • Relational Resilience Circle – Prerequisite is Personal Resilience Circle

  • We Are Resilient Family Coach Certification – Contact us for pricing

  • We Are Resilient™ Skills and Patterns Posters

  • We Are Resilient™: Practical Skills for a More Resilient Family

  • We Are Resilient™: Over 80 Family Activities For More Resilient Children!