We Are Resilient™ Coach Certification Training

Would you like to:

  • Reduce stress and burnout and support the mental health of those around you?

  • Create stronger, more connected teams that can better navigate equity issues?

  • Support the implementation of  We Are Resilient™ in your team, clinic, school, or organization?

We are now enrolling participants for the next session of We Are Resilient™ Coach Certification training, beginning the first week of March 2024. (Date and time will be determined by the participants.) Previous coaches have included trainers, educators, parent leaders, pediatric providers, healthcare workers, first responders, life coaches, mediators, nonprofit leaders, child and family support personnel, juvenile justice workers, and HR managers. This training is well-suited for anyone looking for resources to support themselves and those they work with. 

 This accelerated program will set you up to:

  • Incorporate the researched-based skills into your daily life

  • Train others in this simple approach to reduce their stress / support their mental health

  • Lead Resilience Circles that create a connected community

To learn more about course requirements and time commitment of 24-30 hours of training, hear from previously certified coaches, and learn more about the costs, watch our FAQ webinar.  Then contact Meri McCoy-Thompson