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TOOLBOX In-Person TrainingTOOLBOX™ Introductory In-Person Trainings:

Our in-person TOOLBOX trainings (choice of two) prepare you to implement TOOLBOX across all school contexts (embedded in classroom practices, outside class time, positive behavior support, and home connections). The trainings focus on using the 12 Tools as strategies for children and adults to build resilience, self-management, and empathy for self/others.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the 12 Tools,
  • TOOLBOX pedagogy,
  • common language,
  • school-wide implementation,
  • and use of the TOOLBOX Primer, TOOLBOX Lesson Plans, and classroom materials.
Whole-School/District-Wide Training

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A TOOLBOX Training at your site can take place any time of year.
Please contact us for pricing, or call: (707) 861-3386

Regional Training

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This 6-hour training, offered on a regular basis, is available to individuals and/or school teams in a group setting.

Cost: $325 per person. Includes the following:

  • Lunch
  • Coffee & tea for the day
  • TOOLBOX Primer: A guide for educators, individuals, and all school staff to become familiar with the Tools and supporting pedagogy. Instruction is provided on how to introduce each of the 12 Tools and apply them on a daily basis, with classroom practices and supporting pedagogy.

Next Regional Training:

Training Date: January 20, 2017 
Location: San Rafael, California – Embassy Suites by Hilton, San Rafael Marin County
Lodging: Blocked Room Reservations through Embassy Suites

Times: 8:30 am registration opens, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm workshop (12:30-1:00 lunch)
Registration: Online Store

  • Please Note: Space is limited. Register early. After you’ve registered, we will contact you with logistical information and a detailed agenda.
  • Cancellation policy: Please see registration page for cancellation dates.
  • Future Trainings: If you would like to be notified as future TOOLBOX Regional Trainings become available, please let us know here.

Facilitation Package to Train Your Teachers/Staff in TOOLBOX™
TOOLBOX™ — Introductory Training*

A downloadable professional development package that allows 5 school personnel to deliver three 50-minute introductory training sessions.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the 12 Tools,
  • Tool utilization practices,
  • steps to creating a foundation for optimal learning,
  • TOOLBOX pedagogy,
  • curricula and classroom materials,
  • implementation strategies, and key principles.

*Note: Purchase of a TOOLBOX™ Primer is necessary for each teacher/staff member to participate in this training. Please contact us for pricing, or call: (707) 861-3386.

Electronic documents include:

  • TOOLBOX™ Introductory Training Facilitation Guide (with Annotated Agenda and Presenter Notes)
  • Participant Handouts for each session
  • TOOLBOX™ Introductory Training Slide Decks including embedded videos
  • Plus, a 1-hour phone consultation with a TOOLBOX trainer

Facilitation Packages to Enhance TOOLBOX™ Implementation

The following downloadable packages allow 5 school personnel to facilitate trainings to:

  • look at next steps for teachers already using TOOLBOX; or
  • lead a TOOLBOX parent workshop.

Facilitators of these packages should plan on a 1-hour phone consultation with Dovetail Learning staff and prep time prior to delivery.

To purchase either  of these packages, please contact: or call: 707-861-3386.

TOOLBOX™ — Next Steps for Staff Training

This downloadable package advances the professional development (PD) of teachers already using TOOLBOX. Available for 5 school personnel to deliver two hours of TOOLBOX PD session to teachers and staff as a follow-up to their initial TOOLBOX™ Training. This package is designed to be used in 15–20-minute staff meeting segments or as a single 2-hour refresher training. Topics include: Key principles, Tool utilization practices, staff success and collaboration, staff resilience through modeling the Tools, positive behavior management, and a multi-year approach with TOOLBOX.

Electronic documents include:

  • TOOLBOX™ Next Steps for Staff Training Facilitation Guide (with Annotated Agenda and Presenter Notes)
  • Participant Handouts
  • Next Steps for Staff Training Slide Deck including embedded videos
  • Plus, a 1-hour phone consultation with a TOOLBOX trainer
TOOLBOX™ — Parent Workshop:

This downloadable package (available in English or Spanish) offers 5 school personnel training materials to deliver a 1-hour‚ TOOLBOX™ Parent Workshop so parents/caregivers may access the 12 Tools as “Tools for Parents” a vehicle for healthy relationships with their children.

Topics include:

  • Experiential practice of the 12 Tools,
  • how the Tools can help when challenges arise,
  • how the Tools are being used school-wide,
  • and ways parents/caregivers at home can align with the child’s school experiences.

Electronic documents include:

  • TOOLBOX Parent Workshop Facilitation Guide
  • Parent Night Flyer template
  • Parent Participant Handout
  • Parent Workshop Slide Deck including embedded videos
  • Facilitator’s Presenter Notes
  • Plus, a 1-hour phone consultation with a TOOLBOX trainer

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