Meet the We Are Resilient™ Coaches

Di Cullen

My favorite parts of facilitating these circles are hearing and appreciating people’s stories. Discovering the wisdom of the group together. I learn something about myself in every circle! My passion is to create dynamic, heart-centered communities of deep connection, self appreciation and explosive growth and impact.
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Chuck Fisher

I am moved by the self-acceptance and freedom people gain when “seeing” that their Protective Patterns are normal and useful. When people are transparent with each other, everyone in the group gains self-acceptance. It is deeply rewarding and opens the pathway to really digging into the Centering Skills.
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Kristie Cannady

My favorite part of the We Are Resilient™ Circles is connecting with people from all over the country. It is inspiring to learn from each group and help facilitate a community coming together. Sharing real life experience, participants are able to see how we all have Protective Patterns and we all have the ability to strengthen our Personal, Relational and Group Resilience.
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Bryan Clement

Connecting with other people is one of my greatest joys in life, so the fact that I get the opportunity to do it as part of my job makes me truly grateful. I hope that participants will grow awareness and confidence in their own resilience skills, and that they can find a little peace when dealing with all the struggles that life can bring.
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Meri McCoy-Thompson

I love facilitating resilience circles because the program really resonates with so many participants. They learn small changes in their thinking and behavior has big payoffs in their lives and in their relationships. I hope that they walk away with a better understanding of how their Protective Patterns can derail them and few more tools to bring themselves, their relationships, and their group back to center.
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Miriam Rhew, MD, MPH

What I love most about the We Are Resilient groups is the recognition that we are all already resilient and that we can all continue to develop skills to increase our resilience in community with others.  I love hearing stories of resilience from people from all walks of life.  I truly appreciate learning first hand from each other how we are using the centering, connecting, and collaborating skills along with our cultural and protective patterns to live well and with more ease.
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Dr. Reshmi Basu, Pediatrics

As a pediatrician, I have always been amazed by the great resilience of children. The We Are Resilient program has shown me that we have the ability to actively strengthen our resilience skills throughout our lifetime. I love the stories and experiences shared in the Circles–they are motivating, inspirational, and allow us the space to access the resilience we all have within us.
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What is a Resilience Circle

Sally Baker 

We Are Resilient has helped me greatly in my personal life and as a mediator for the Alameda County Courts. Learning about how humans react to and deal with stress has helped me understand my behavior and the behavior of others.  They’ve made me a more curious person and given me the language and tools to maximize my resilience and to help others do the same.
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