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The Resilient Mindset: Courage

Resilient Mindsets are attitudes that open doorways to what is possible.  

How can I be courageous?

Courage is about listening to my truth.

Courage is knowing what I feel and feeling it fully.

Courage is taking a step toward living my truth.

Courage is honoring healthy boundaries.


What does Courage look like?

The Resilient Mindset of Courage helps us listen to our heart (our feelings and values) and take a stand to become a better version of ourselves.

  1. Feeling what my heart is telling me.
  2. Listening to my inner wisdom.
  3. Speaking and acting in ways that honor my values and boundaries.
  4. Taking a stand for a worthy purpose.

Feeling — Knowing — Speaking Up

Resources for the Resilient Mindset of Courage