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We Are Resiient

Social and Emotional Learning for Adults & Children
Educators — Pediatric Providers — Families

The Resilience Continuum

We Are Resilient™ is a social emotional learning program for adults and children that provides practical resilience skills in the categories Centering, Connecting, and Collaborating.

The best way to help children is to ensure that the adults who serve them have strong Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and resilience skills. With stronger resilient skills themselves, these adults can strengthen caring relationships and pass on the skills to the children.

Adults also need resilient training for themselves and their work. Those in the helping professions, such as teachers and health care workers, absorb trauma every day. Our vision for We Are Resilient™ is to help organizations to become healing centers for their workforce as well as their students, patients, and families.
We Are Resilient™ will be available as an Open Education Resource (OER), so that it can be customized to different situations and is free, shareable, and available to all who need it.

Dovetail Learning

Dovetail Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults and children become their best selves through fostering resilience internally, in their relationships, and within their communities. Dovetail Learning works through schools, health clinics, and other organizations so that whole communities can foster wellness together.

Working together, we can heal ourselves and generations to come.

Our Impact

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Our We Are Resilient™ webinar is just 3 days away! Use the link in our bio to register. Hope to see you there. #resilience #resilienceskills #resiliencetraining https://www.instagram.com/p/B71T83Ppa0M/?igshid=1twb30j2xlzl

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