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Our new book: The Heart of Resilience: Resilience: Nurturing Inner Strength for a Joyful Life


The Heart of Resilience: Nurturing Your Inner Strength for a Joyful Life ❤️ 

We are so excited about our new book! We have created a Kickstarter campaign to bring it across the finish line!

Combining the warmth of Chicken Soup for the Soul with the transformative power of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this book will unveil profound insights and practical skills to fortify you against life’s inevitable challenges.  Including personal stories from more than 100 people, the book will help you tap into your superpower of resilience, the secret sauce that enables you to bounce back when knocked down and gives you the optimism and clarity of thinking to deepen your relationships and create a better life. 

Pre-order your book (and other goodies!) and support our campaign here!

How Does Our Book Help?

By joining us on Kickstarter, you can help us develop more products in support of the We Are Resilient approach. Imagine a Digital Companion Journal that guides you to explore the We Are Resilient approach as you read the Heart of Resilience book. Or imagine an Audiobook version! Share the campaign with your network and help us reach our funding goals us today!

  • Thousands of people from all walks of life already use the We Are Resilient™ approach to improve their lives. It is easily accessible, so you can immediately implement the learning and get results.
  • Provides a research-based framework for resilience that can be used in any context. 
  • Illuminates the tools already within you that, when practiced, help you ride the white waters of life and feel more confident. 
  • Explores the root causes of what blocks your resilience
  • Provides an exceptional tool for helping those who serve others. 

Whether you’re facing a personal challenge, seeking to level up your life, or are working to transform your organization, dive into The Heart of Resilience and discover the keys to living with purpose and passion while rooted in resilience.

The Heart of Resilience cover

What is Kickstarter?

We are using Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website where people can raise money for their projects from many small donations. It helps creators get financial support from a global community to bring their ideas to life. Kickstarter has successfully funded a wide range of projects, including films, music, technology, and art. The platform is known for its all-or-nothing funding model, which means projects only receive funds if they reach their fundraising goal.

We need your help to bring “The Heart of Resilience: Nurturing Your Inner Strength for a Joyful Life” to life!


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