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Resilient Educators are Connected, Adaptable and Ready for Change


Helping educators provide a healthy future for our children.

Our accessible, practical, and research-based skills help you, your colleagues, your students, and their families tap into the power of authenticity. We Are Resilient™ is a trauma-informed Adult SEL designed to increase your ability to manage stress, engage students more effectively, and foster a warm, inclusive, and conducive learning environment.  

Are you experiencing…And seeking ways to…
Exhaustion or burnoutManage your stress
Overwhelming demandsSet healthy boundaries
Disruptive relationshipsConnect with difficult people
Are you seeing…And seeking ways to…
Generational traumaEnhance trauma-informed teaching skills
Mental health challengesEmpower students and families
Lack of diversity, equity and inclusionCreate a climate of belonging

How We Help



The past few years have tested even the most resilient educators.  We Are Resilient™ is for educators seeking more impact and greater job satisfaction. This approach:

  • Provides a simple, yet powerful trauma-informed framework that raises awareness about behavioral patterns and promotes research-based skills to resolve conflicts, make better decisions, and improve relationships.
  • Can help you successfully navigate daily stressors, adversity, and sudden change.
  • Empowers you to be the culturally responsive, resilient adult role-model your students need most.

The We Are Resilient™ Practical Skills for Resilient Educators offers educators  a hands-on resource book with the full breadth of the We Are Resilient™ approach, including the science behind each skill for themselves and to teach others. 

“After 60 years of research we have arrived at a surprisingly simple conclusion: nothing—nothing—has more impact in the life of a child than positive relationships.”

Peter L. Benson, Search Institute

“The We Are Resilient program creates a space and support for teacher wellbeing, so essential in this time we live in. I’ve heard only positive feedback from teachers and staff.”

Amanda Jacobson, School Counselor, Auburn Union School District

School Counselors

As a school counselor you know that students and colleagues are facing more social and mental health challenges than ever. We Are Resilient™ can boost your ability to stay centered and help your clients navigate life. This approach:

  • Helps explain for you and your students why you get activated and why we “lose” it.
  • Provides a trauma-informed skills approach from the inside-out .
  • Gives you the science behind each skill and powerful culturally responsive learning tools.

We offer Resilience Circles that are supportive and safe, led by a certified coach for education professionals. They can be customized to meet a specific focus.


For individuals, teams, schools, and districts: We Are Resilient™ improves employee retention and generates powerful collaboration by strengthening relationships, reshaping the school climate,  and helping educational organizations thrive.  This approach:

  • Enhances team collaboration with researched-based skills to communicate clearly and handle conflict well.
  • Promotes cultural competence,  diversity, equity, and inclusion by illuminating both Cultural and Protective Patterns.
  • Is trauma-informed, incorporating ACEs and trauma into our core understanding of human behavior
  • Directly supports all CASEL competencies  with real life, practical  applications

Training and Consultation

We offer Resilience Training in an educational, supportive and safe  environment to practice resilience skills using dynamic real-life scenarios. Defining group agreements and strengthening relational practices improves inclusion and wellness within a team, school site or district. These can be customized for a specific team or organizational focus. Contact us about our Educational Consulting Services for the best approach to what your organization needs.

“You helped normalize feelings and brought awareness to considering how our needs/feelings impact students. It is great food for thought and reflection. It was exactly what we all needed to go forward, at this especially difficult time.

Terry Ziegler, Executive Director, Mt. Taylor Children’s Centers

Our trauma-informed approach helps resilient educators by giving them simple, culturally-relevant tools to support themselves and encourage students and families.


Supports Those With ACEs

We have worked with more than 12,000 educators in 200 US cities in 38 states, serving over 240,000 students. Our trauma-informed approach sensitively supports those with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

ACES Aware grantee