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Contributing Intentionally

Since 2009, it has been my honor to lead Dovetail Learning as Managing Director and then Executive Director.  Over the past 13 years, we have created two significant SEL and human development programs and completely transformed our organization through creativity, innovation, resilience, and lots of hard work.  

Since 2018, my partner in leadership has been Meri McCoy-Thompson, our Chief Operating Officer. Meri has spent her entire career serving nonprofits around the world and was previously the Executive Director for the Human Needs Project in Kenya.

Meri is a leader who walks her talk. Every day she demonstrates the power of fostering the natural gifts of others. She believes that every staff member can thrive when encouraged and resourced to discover and bring forth their gifts.  When each staff member is thriving, the whole organization achieves so much more. Together we can all create magic.I have learned and grown by watching Meri intentionally contribute in this way. In fact, Meri is modeling beautifully one of our Collaborating Skills called

Contributing Intentionally

As we have expanded into an organization offering Adult SEL and human transformation — to health providers, educators, families, and others — I have come to see that what makes me come alive most is creating new transformative ways for people to know themselves deeply and to become human BE-ings rooted in their own goodness.   

With this as my intention, I am very excited to step into my next role at Dovetail as Director of Transformational Learning!How wonderful that Meri and I each get to Contribute Intentionally to the future of Dovetail Learning by being our best selves in the roles we most desire to serve in.

Chuck Fisher, Ph.D.
Executive Director