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Hearts Grow in Size When We Empathize

young boy in a school cafeteria

My youngest son is headed back to school!! Woohoo! 

He cannot be more excited about getting the much-needed social support that “in person” school offers. Our choice to have him return to “in person” school has created an opportunity to practice the Empathizing Connecting Skill. For instance, when talking to my close friends, some parents are comfortable sending their children back, and some are not. In our household alone, we have one child going back and one not because we were not comfortable with how our high school is handling its hybrid approach. 

These moments of varying comfort levels will continue to be present.  It would be easy to judge other parents for their decisions, especially when they differ from mine.  I try to remember that the best way to stay connected is to Empathize. These are difficult decisions and we are all making the best decisions that support the unique needs of our households. When I am Empathizing, I can suspend judgment and remain curious. If you find yourself passing judgment on others, try to be curious, and embrace empathy.  It is how we will build the world we are looking for.