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Notice the Joyful Moments!

woman in white dress in front of man in white Indian bridal outfit, holding hands and looking at each other.

My daughter Marie and her fiancé Harish were married 10 days ago, in a truly joyful ceremony that beautifully expressed the love they have for each other and for the people around them. It was an American-Indian fusion wedding that included both Hindu and Catholic elements as well as the wisdom of their grandmothers, all woven around this theme of love. 

Anticipating the heightened excitement, I intentionally practiced my Centering Skills. I wanted to be truly present to my daughter and her soon-to-be husband, and to all the people who had travelled from near and far to be with us. The week before, I made sure to Nurture Myself with healthy food, (almost! 😃) adequate sleep, and exercise. During pause moments, I would Breathe Mindfully. When I was driving myself to the venue where the bridal party was preparing for the event, I used my favorite form of Breathing Mindfully: singing to myself! 

Most importantly, I repeatedly Noticed Myself and checked in with my feelings: Was I anxious? The answer was no. I was completely joyful! Because the bride and groom had meticulously planned and hosted the wedding themselves, and because I had a team of people that executed my part in the celebration weekend, I was able to be truly present for the events.  

I also intentionally stayed grounded by using my favorite Centering Skill: Finding Gratitude.  I was so aware that this was a rare, special moment and not one to be taken for granted. When the couple moved in with us at the beginning of the pandemic, we were grateful for their presence and aware that our lives would be changed forever. Many joyous events planned for that time were postponed or cancelled. That memory was a stark reminder of all we cannot take for granted and how important it is to revel in joyous moments that come our way.

One highlight of the weekend was when I used the Collaborating Skill of Noticing Group.This skill involves paying attention to the mood of the group, how the group members are interacting, and the needs and emotions of others. My joy was magnified by realizing that all the people in attendance were celebratory and aligned to the love and joy of the wedding couple.

So when life gives you a moment of joy, seize it! Laugh, cry a little, sing, and dance the night away.  While the sorrows and challenges in life still exist, we can recognize and deal with them tomorrow. For this moment, revel in the joy!

With Resilience, 
Meri and the Dovetail Learning team