We Are Resilient™: The Resilient Manager Handbook


This resource book lays out the fundamentals of resilience and its importance to the health and wellbeing of individuals, teams, and organizations. The approach helps you manage stress, make your communication more effective, and improve your workplace culture. It starts with protective patterns so you can self-assess your reactions to difficult situations in real-time and understand what is supporting you and what is limiting you, helping you assess your growth over time. Next, in simple, yet powerful terms, it describes the specific skills that help us with centering, connecting and collaborating, illustrated with real-life business examples and straightforward practices for each skill. It helps create a foundation to strengthen resilience and provides a common language to share practical social and emotional skills with their team members and customers. It also outlines best practices for implementing We Are Resilient™ in your organization. This book is helpful for both personal uses and as a tool to share the concepts with colleagues.

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