Upcoming Events

New Year, New You! — Simple practices for improving your life

The New Year is a great time to learn simple practices that will help you make 2022 your best year yet. This short 35 minute webinar will help you recognize what might be getting in your way, and introduce you to some research-based skills that can help you strengthen your relationships and unleash your creativity and problem-solving. Click here to register.

Collaboration Circle for Group Resilience

Join Coach Chuck in our Collaborating Skills circle. Learning about Collaborating Skills relies on everything you have learned so far about Patterns and Skills and how they impact ourselves and all our relations. The focus of this circle is on learning how to be a creative participant in partnering with others for a common purpose. Prerequisite: completion of Centering Skills and Connecting Skills circles with any of our coaches. Begins Monday, January 2022, and meets weekly for six weeks at 5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE. Click here to register.

Women’s Resilience Circle

Join Coach Kristie in this multigenerational approach to what it means to identify as a woman in our society. Using the We Are Resilient approach as the foundation, we will examine how our Cultural Patterns have shaped how we view the world, each other, and ourselves. Some topics include Protective Patterns and Safety, Resilience and Health, and The Power of Coming Together as Women. This circle meets once a week for six weeks. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE. Click here to register. 

Men’s Resilience Circle

Join our Men’s Resilince Circle (for anyone who identifies as male) starting Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 6:30 pm for six weeks as we explore our male identity through the We Are Resilient™ approach. As a launching point, Coach Bryan will share his own experience and struggles as a cisgendered male growing up. We will highlight our strengths and positive values while filtering for toxic traits, creating a safe space to learn and find your own growth edge. Will there be fantasy football chat and a weekly Raider update? Yes, and funny movie clips/TikToks to help us use humor to laugh at ourselves as we grow through the 6 week Men’s Resilience Circle. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE. Click here to register. 

How to Help Your Clients Overcome Their Limiting Beliefs:
We Are Resilient™ for Counselors

Join Coach Chuck Fisher, PhD, in this introductory webinar on using the We Are Resilient approach for counseling individuals and groups. Learn out to help clients understand how they are impacted by Cultural and Protective Patterns and how these behaviors and beliefs may be limiting their perspective of their choices. This framework then opens the door to see how the power of Resilience skills can improve one’s life. We will look at examples of the key skills of Centering, Connecting, and Collaborating to individual and group work. This is a free 30-min webinar especially for therapists, behavioral health, school counselors, social workers, or anyone who is interested in this work and is applicable in school, healthcare, private practice, group work, or other settings.  Click here to register.

Personal and Professional Resilience Circle

Join Coach Meri in a We Are Resilient™ Personal and Professional Resilience Circle! This circle meets weekly for six weeks and helps you practice using the We Are Resilient™ approach with yourself and those around you. We will explore how to strengthen your personal resilience through virtual small group discussions and exercises.  In addition to exploring personal resilience, you will develop a more resilient mindset and learn to identify patterns. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE.  Click here to register. 

Five Practical Skills to Nourish Your Intimate Relationships

Join Coach Chuck on Valentines Day for a fun exploration into how personal resilience impacts intimacy and our personal relationships. What are key Resilience skills that create connection and loving relationships? What gets in the way of authentic intimacy? Our We Are Resilient approach illuminates how easy it is to fall out of relationship in any given moment and how to bring ourselves into closer relationships with those we love most. Click here to register.

Resilient Practices for Pediatric Providers

Integrating Resilience Skills and practices into your work as Pediatric Provider and into the workflow of your clinic can be a gamechanger. Come listen to Meri McCoy-Thompson of Dovetail Learning discuss what that looks like with Dr. Miriam Rhew of UC Bancroft in this free 45-min webinar. Click here to register.