Upcoming Events

Free Webinar: Resilience Skills for ACE Screening

Planning to screen your patients for ACEs? In the middle of rolling it out at your clinic and realizing you might have missed a step? While screening for ACEs can be an important part of becoming trauma-informed and helping your patients (and colleagues) talk about the impact of trauma in their lives, it can also stir up a lot of unpleasant memories. This webinar focuses on how you and your team might strengthen your resilience and help your patients strengthen their resilience–in preparation for ACEs screening. We call it, “Giving someone a flashlight before you send them down a dark alley.” Join coach Meri and bring your questions for this 45 min webinar. Click here to register. 


Free Webinar: Protective Patterns and the Holidays

Happy holidays from Dovetail Learning! Join coaches Kristie and Bryan as they explore the holiday seasons and how our Protective Patterns and low Relational Resilience in our families can reduce the joy in these gatherings. We will focus on Anticipatory Resilience and ways to remain centered and self-aware to access our most resilient and joyous self. This 45 minute webinar will leave you thinking and laughing. Click here to register.

We Are Resilient™ Coach Certification Q and A

Are you interested in:

  • Reducing stress and burnout and supporting the mental health of those around you?
  • Creating stronger, more connected teams that can better navigate equity issues?
  • Support the implementation of We Are Resilient™ in your team, clinic, school or organization?

The next round of We Are Resilient Coach™ certification is enrolling participants for the next session, beginning the first week of January 2022. (Date and time will be determined by the participants) Previous coaches have included educators, parent leaders, pediatric providers, healthcare workers, first responders, life coaches, mediators, nonprofit leaders, and HR managers. This training is well-suited for anyone looking for resources to support themselves and those around them.

This accelerated program will set you up to:

  • Incorporate the researched-based skills into your daily life
  • Train others in this simple approach to reduce their stress / support their mental health
  • Lead resilience circles that create a connected community

We will discuss the course requirement and time commitment, hear from previously certified coaches, and get to know one another. (The session will be recorded, so please register even if you can’t make the day/time so you can receive the recording.

Men’s Resilience Circle

Join our Men’s Resilince Circle (for anyone who identifies as male) starting Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 6:30 pm for six weeks as we explore our male identity through the We Are Resilient™ approach. As a launching point, Coach Bryan will share his own experience and struggles as a cisgendered male growing up. We will highlight our strengths and positive values while filtering for toxic traits, creating a safe space to learn and find your own growth edge. Will there be fantasy football chat and a weekly Raider update? Yes, and funny movie clips/TikToks to help us use humor to laugh at ourselves as we grow through the 6 week Men’s Resilience Circle. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE. Click here to register. 

Women’s Resilience Circle

Join Coach Kristie in this multigenerational approach to what it means to identify as a woman in our society. Using the We Are Resilient approach as the foundation, we will examine how our Cultural Patterns have shaped how we view the world, each other, and ourselves. Some topics include Protective Patterns and Safety, Resilience and Health, and The Power of Coming Together as Women. This circle meets once a week for six weeks. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE. Click here to register. 

Personal and Professional Resilience Circle

Join Coach Meri in a We Are Resilient™ Personal and Professional Resilience Circle! This circle meets weekly for six weeks and helps you practice using the We Are Resilient™ approach with yourself and those around you. We will explore how to strengthen your personal resilience through virtual small group discussions and exercises.  In addition to exploring personal resilience, you will develop a more resilient mindset and learn to identify patterns. $79 to join, or join for free with coupon code JOINCIRCLE.  Click here to register.