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The goal of our foundation training is to improve our own resilience as healthcare providers, as well as learn some simple skills we can use in coaching our patients and their families. Contact us for information on scheduling and pricing for your clinic or practice.

As a prelude, we start with a quick overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), examining how trauma—both our own ACEs/trauma and vicarious trauma from our patients and families —can get in our way. We look at our Protective Patterns—our automatic reactions to situations—which can help or harm us, depending on the context. We also discuss our Cultural Patterns, which are passed on through the generations, and inform how we look at the world. The main focus of the training is how can we tap into the resilient nature of ourselves and others. Through interactive experiences and group discussion, we explore a set of practical Resilience Skills for Centering, Connecting, and Collaborating. Through practicing and modeling these skills, we are then able to provide anticipatory guidance to patients and families in using them.

Our Building Blocks training allows providers and staff to dig deeper into your own personal resilience practices, reflecting on what is working for you and what needs adaptation to keep you centered, connecting, and collaborating with others. Providers have more opportunities to practice providing the Resilience Skills through anticipatory guidance. Time is also allocated to specific group agreements that can create structural change for improved resiliency and wellness within the clinic.

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