Meet the Dovetail Team

Chuck Fisher, PhD ​
​Executive Director

(he, him, his)


Chuck has dedicated his life to the personal wellbeing of others in service of a peaceful and sustainable world. He has been studying, teaching, and developing resilience programs his entire career. Chuck is a “third culture kid,” having spent formative years in the Philippines and Peru. This influenced his doctorate in transpersonal psychology—the study of wellness from cross-cultural perspectives—and he has brought that lens to K-12 and graduate education, healthcare, and our own organization. His talents as a program architect were key in the development of Toolbox and are now part of our We Are Resilient™ approach. Chuck is a former adjunct research faculty at Sophia University, school psychologist, school counselor, trainer for Heartmath Institute, and for the PassageWorks Institute on Engaged Teaching. He has a lifetime of experience in mindful meditation, rock-climbing, and the martial arts where he is a black belt in Aikido, the peaceful martial art. He loves the skill of Breathing Mindfully: “There is sublime inner peace available when we take a moment to center in the breath.”

Meri McCoy-Thompson, MALD
Chief Operating Officer

(she, her, hers)


Meri’s passion is to empower people to lead transformational change. As an Irish-American cisgendered feminist who has lived and worked with nonprofits on four continents, Meri is on a lifelong journey of discovering the many layers of our Cultural Patterns. She guides our product development as well as our strategic planning, business systems, and organizational effectiveness. Previously, she served as Director of Strategic Partners with The Gratitude Network; Executive Director, the Human Needs Project, Kenya; and has worked in Beijing, New Delhi, and Washington, D.C. Early in her career, she was on faculty at Georgetown University, where she served as Project Director for the first edition of Bright Futures: National Health Supervision Guidelines for Infants, Children and Adolescents. Meri’s primary Centering Skill is Finding Gratitude: “Every day is a gift and we are blessed to have life and each other.”

Bryan Clement, MEd
Director of Partnerships & Policy

(he, him, his)


As a teacher, principal, and, most recently, as a lead trainer and consultant for social-emotional learning and resilience, Bryan’s passion is creating trauma-informed, healing-centered schools. Growing up in a mixed-race family and attending privileged private schools while living in the apartments his family managed was formative in his understanding of the multiple perspectives of the human condition.  As a cisgender husband and father of three, We Are Resilient™ is fundamental to the legacy of social justice he wishes to leave for his children and others. With his time on the Marin First 5 Commission, his role as ACEs Interface Presenter with the County of Sonoma, and his policy education work with the California Campaign to Counter Childhood adversity, he has pushed for systems reform and eliminating barriers to opportunity.  Bryan’s favorite combination of Centering Skills is Breathing Mindfully and Noticing Myself.  Bryan’s path to true connection is through telling a good story and lots of laughter.

Kristie Cannady
Director of Business Development

(she, her, hers)


Kristie’s years of experience as the director of an educational foundation and a leader in the community, combined with her passion for psychology and sociology, have honed her talents designing custom implementation plans for We Are Resilient™. Whether it is healthcare, education or human resources, Kristie can help teams create a plan to strengthen resilience skills and learn how best to Center, Connect and Collaborate. Kristie is a core contributor to the creation and evolution of We Are Resilient™, producer of our whiteboard videos, as well as the lead trainer and coach for parent/caregiver and women’s Resilient Circles. She also manages our communications and website and other IT needs. Believe it or not, her go-to Centering skill is Letting Go. “When I find myself in stressful situations, Letting Go of what is out of my control allows me to Center more easily.”

Lydia Jensen
Sales Coordinator

(she, her, hers)


Lydia is our Sales Coordinator and Accounting Executive. With eight years of customer support experience in different industries, she manages our order fulfillment, vendor relationships, and finance. She is a mix of Northern European, with a little bit of  Cherokee, and she recognizes that she walks through the world with privilege so she tries to make a comfortable space for those who face more struggles.  The best thing about working at Dovetail is her co-workers’ good hearts combined with their willingness to work hard and the team’s shared vision to make the world a better place. As a new mom, she tries to remember that Nurturing herself is just as important as nurturing others.

Ashley VanBezooyen
Early Childhood Education Specialist


Ashley is the lead on our We Are Resilient™ Early Childhood Family Activities and a key contributor to the creation and evolution of We Are Resilient™. With a personal and familial history of trauma, Ashley is dedicated to helping others work through and overcome trauma of their own. Ashley is most proud of graduating at the top of her class while also raising three beautiful boys as a single mother. With a BA focused on Human Development, Ashley has spent the past nine years working and volunteering with children from preschool through middle grades to pursue her passion of building foundations of trust with at-risk youth. She is the one to greet you when you contact Dovetail Learning via phone or email and supports our office’s administrative needs as well as our series of Dovetail newsletters. While she sometimes values using her Protective Pattern of Hyper-Caretaking, she also recognizes that sometimes it does not serve her well. Ashley’s favorite Centering Skill is Positive Reframing because she feels that it has supported her in overcoming many difficult situations in her life. 

Sonoma Bates
Communications Intern (she, her, hers)

Sonoma Bates

Sonoma handles our website analytics and our social media, as well as contributes a “generation Z’ voice to our product development.  Sonoma is in the process of earning her BA in Communication Studies from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She was featured in our videos as a fourth-grader as she learned social and emotional skills from an earlier Dovetail product. She has seen the impact this work has had on her and is passionate about making it available to all. Growing up in a hippy culture has helped her maintain flexibility and an open mind. She is always seeking ways to be as ethnorelative as possible. She loves being out in nature, especially at the beach or in the redwoods. Her favorite Centering Skill is Finding Gratitude because she always feels a smile slide onto her face when she reflects on the things that she’s grateful for.

Nina Thompson
​Tech Consultant & Webmaster


Nina is Dovetail’s tech consultant working on their website and other systems. Nina’s career has focused on community building between neighbors at Nextdoor, trust between friends at GemShare, content and event planning at, and crunching data to improve quality healthcare at SF General’s Children’s Health Center. She is currently the data and project manager for ACES-LA, a project of the Los Angeles County Department of Health.

Board of Directors


Di Hall Cullen
Board Chair

Former COO, Sequoia Consulting Group; Executive Vice President Operations, Carbon Black; COO, Viant Corp

Di Hall is an experienced senior executive with over 30 years leading technology organizations. She has been a leader in five successful technology startups in the Boston area, with four IPOs and one acquisition by IBM. She served as COO for Sequoia Consulting Group in California for almost 2 years before retiring from high tech at the end of 2018 to focus full time on other interests. Di has a passion for community service and has always been involved in nonprofit activities during her corporate career. She was part of the team that led the transformation of her local community food pantry from a grassroots to professional organization while raising $1.4 million to purchase and renovate a new building to create a more dignified experience for their clients.
Di has been honored with the 2016 Boston BRAVA Female Leadership Award and as a 2015 Rev Boston Honoree and Member. “One of my favorite things to do is build communities,” says Di. “I’ve done this through building high‑growth technology companies, but also through coordinating groups of people with shared passions, desires, or challenges.” She is most proud of her two amazing daughters who inspire her with their warmth, wit, and wisdom.

Clint Tripodi
MBA Treasurer
National Strategic Consultant, Risk Strategies


Clint possesses over 25 years of experience providing Human Resources and Operations support for global high technology companies. He has served as Vice President of Human Resources for companies such as Hitachi Data Systems, nCUBE Corporation, Pacific Broadband Communications and Entera. In these roles, Clint focused on HR strategies (talent acquisition, organizational development, compensation, and employee relations), liquidity events, mergers and acquisitions, internal communications and community relations programs. Clint serves in an advisory capacity at the board level for several for-profit and not-for-profit firms. Clint has consulted with over 450 companies in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning. Clint’s specialty is in the area of ‘Leadership Performance Systems’; partnering with leading companies to find executive talent and develop their leadership skills for sustainable performance. Clint holds an MBA in Human Resources and has been awarded certificates in Strategic Planning from Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan. Clint has been certified in the use of visual graphic tools and advanced facilitation from the Grove Consultants International and is a certified coach with the Management Resources Group Leadership Executive Assessment and Sales Professional Assessment methodologies.

Rachael Maves
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Instruction and Measurement Branch, California Department of Education


Rachael believes “if we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” (Dewey). An ever-changing educational landscape requires vision, growth, commitment, and humility. Student success calls for a unifying, coherent vision where every member of the school community is valued and empowered. Before joining the California Department of Education,  Rachael served in public, private, and charter schools as well as with the Sonoma County Office of Education. She has worked as a superintendent, principal, education consultant, and teacher. As a consultant, Rachael delivered numerous presentations and professional development throughout California and coauthored the writing program Writing By Design. She holds a B.S. in English Education and History Education, a M.A. in English, and is enrolled in the education doctorate program at UC Davis. Away from work Rachael enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband and three daughters.

Bill Rutledge
CEO Coach

Bill has been a business coach for 21 years in the Bay Area. He has worked with the CEO/owner of over 150 businesses to help them build better businesses, create better places to work, and to be conscious about the life that they were building for themselves. Before coaching, Bill was a corporate/investment banker with Citibank for 32 years working in New York, Puerto Rico, St Louis, Paris, Tunis, Athens, Buenos Aires, and Santiago. His last assignment was Chief Credit Officer for small and mid-market lending in California. Bill has served as board chair for a school in Paris and another in Tunis and as a board member of a community health clinic in Santiago, Chile. He has coached the Executive Directors of several Bay Area nonprofits. He has served as Dovetail Learning’s Board Chair in its early years. He grew up in Los Angeles and is an alumnus of UCLA.

Susan Schilling
Former CEO, New Tech Network 

Susan served as CEO for New Tech Network (formerly New Technology Foundation),  a non-profit school development organization with the mission of building a resilient network of teachers and learners, ready to create a vibrant economic and social future for America. Established in 2000, New Tech Network has quietly emerged as one of the best-scaled and most successful approaches to high school transformation in the U.S. With over 200 schools around the county, the New Tech approach has been successful in urban, suburban, and rural areas with kids from nearly every background. 

Before joining New Technology Foundation, Susan launched Lucas Learning Ltd., a start-up, multimedia educational company formed by George Lucas. Lucas Learning Ltd. produced and marketed ‘edutainment’ software set in the Star Wars universe. Prior to joining Lucas Learning Ltd., Susan was Senior Vice President and Creative Director for MECC, one of the first and premier developers and publishers of educational software for schools.  She has served on the Board of Directors for Buck Institute for Education as well as the Advisory Board for Oji Life Labs.

Advisory Board

Robert Frager, PhD Founder, Sofia University/Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
Ammar Saheli, Ed.D Director Student Services, San Lorenzo USD, CEO Saheli7 Consulting, San Francisco, CA
Marilyn Schlitz, PhD Dean, Sofia University/ITP; Former President/CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Strategic Partners

Cradle to Career

Cradle to Career of Sonoma County Dovetail Learning is a proud thought partner of Cradle to Career of Sonoma County. In order to make a difference in the lives of children, youth, and young adults in Sonoma County, we must think differently about the systems that impact them.
Cradle to Career Sonoma County is a partnership comprised of leaders representing education, non-profit, government, business and the community at large. Cradle to Career promotes and expands educational opportunities from birth to career with the goal of preparing all youth for success.

Child Parent Institute
Child Parent Institute (formerly California Parenting Institute) Dovetail Learning has been in collaboration with CPI since 2009 providing services to local school districts in Santa Rosa, CA. Child Parent Institute has a strength-based philosophy and uses both proven evidence-based and innovative practices to help and heal children, educate and support parents, and enhance parent competency.