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Hearts Unlock When We Authentically Talk

People standing in an orchard

This holiday season has been a tough one for me. I have lost loved ones this year. My kids are getting older, so some traditions have naturally faded away. We will not be gathering for Christmas dinner with extended family because of a work conflict. 

Facing all of these changes, I am grateful that I have the Connecting Skills to lean on during this time. Using the Speaking Authentically skill, I communicated how hard this has been for me, and my husband was able to offer support and be there to listen. He then was able to Speak Authentically to me about what is hard for him this holiday season. Being able to communicate with one another openly, we could both be seen, heard, and supported. 

When we are not our most resilient self, our truth can come across as anger or frustration. But, because my husband and I have been practicing the resilience skills in We Are Resilientâ„¢, it has been easier to navigate this challenging time. This does not mean that we will never get angry, frustrated, or snippy. It just means that we can be better at being the spouse we most want to be with practice. 

I wish you and yours a peaceful close to 2021, and please remember that we are all genuinely resilient. We just need to practice our skills more sometimes. 

With resilience,