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The Resilient Mindset: Choice

Resilient Mindsets are attitudes that open doorways to what is possible.

What empowering choices can I make?

How might I think about a situation? 
What is happening within me that impacts my stress? 
How can act with kindness, strength, and healthy boundaries?
What can I consider must be true for others to be the way they are?


What does Choice look like?

Choice involves realizing there may be options I haven’t yet considered. It includes the Resilient Mindset of Curiosity—being curious about what choices may be possible?

  • Noticing what I observe in myself or others and considering options.
  • Noticing what might be possible.
  • Pausing to take some space before responding.
  • Noticing the impact of my potential responses or actions.
  • Choosing a response that will help the most.


Resources for the Resilient Mindset Choice