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Curiosity is Key to Noticing

Sunshine outside

I don’t have the best track record with New Year’s resolutions. The number of productivity journals, new exercise routines, and monthly reading challenges that have been victims of my new year’s goals is teetering on embarrassing. Sound familiar? 

This year I have decided to take a different path. Not to throw personal growth out the window but instead to change how I approach it. Instead of adding external things like journals, books, or gyms, I will look inward and truly pay attention to what brings me joy and, on the flip side, what does not. In 2022 I will focus on the first Centering Skill, Noticing Myself.

For instance, the walk I took this weekend. It was a brisk sunny winter day. The cool breeze combined with the warm sun on my face and the sweet sounds of a toddler giggling as my dog and I walked by is now a joyful place I can access when I am not feeling my most resilient. 

Equally as important as banking joyful moments is asking what is the cause when we are having a hard time. It can be challenging to be honest with ourselves about the root cause. But with curiosity and practicing noticing, I am better able to tend to my inner needs. 

So, for 2022 I invite us all to stop, get curious with ourselves and be honest with our noticing. 

With resilience,