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Leaning Into Courage 

Courage means following our hearts, listening to our inner wisdom. The Resilient Mindset of Courage can help us do that most difficult of things – change ourselves. 

So often, we are focused on the changes we want for other people, whether it is our students, our patients, our colleagues, or our children. Or we may yell at the sports figures on TV or the politicians. It seems like the number of other people we want to change is endless. 

Turning our focus around to ourselves, to what we need to change, can be very uncomfortable.This is where the Resilient Mindset of Courage is so helpful. When we learn to recognize what we really need – authentic relationships – we are more open to the best way to get there – by being Centered, Connected, and Collaborative. We can adopt the small changes suggested through the We Are Resilient approach tp help us be who we want to be.  

The Resilient Mindset of Courage also helps me embrace with delight my new position as the Executive Director of Dovetail Learning. This organization has a long history of serving the social and emotional needs of children. In 2020, we created an approach to meet the resilience needs of adults, recognizing that it takes resilient adults to successfully model and coach children. That pivot took Courage from all of us, and I am certain we will continue to need Courage to steer Dovetail in the future. I would love your support in creating the future of Dovetail, because we are best when we are collaborating with Courageous partners. Please contact me with your questions, stories, and suggestions! 

Interested in learning more about the Courage to change ourselves? Tune into my webinar tomorrow. Our vision for the We Are Resilient™ approach is that it can create the transformation that the world needs. This is not through wiping out poverty or reversing climate change or any other dramatic change that is certainly needed. No, it is through the slow, incremental transformation that happens person by person, relationship by relationship, organization by organization. While big flashy changes (like the development of the mRNA COVID vaccine or the fall of the Berlin Wall) are exciting, they are actually always the result of long hours worked in anonymity. True social transformation requires personal transformation, which takes Courage. 

May the Resilient Mindset of Courage help you make the changes in yourself that you need to thrive – and to be a beacon to others.  

With Resilience,
Meri and the Dovetail Learning Team