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Lightening Our Pain with Gratitude

It’s raining in Northern California. My zinnias are still in full bloom, but the grape leaves are starting to wither and fall to the ground. This mix of beauty, darkness, and decay echoes what is in my soul.

Inside my heart, I feel the reverberations of war and political protests. It’s a raw, troubling feeling. Unnerving in its impact. Sometimes, I have trouble holding it. At the same time, I feel the hope and joy of Thanksgiving coming. I am excited to see my closest family and friends, whom I love so much. The two feelings together are dissonant and awkward.

It seems that every day, I face a test of holding both the darkness and light. Sometimes, the darkness is a big turmoil, like war, politics, or a health crisis. Other times, the darkness is mixed with light in a graceful dance, like when I get out of sorts with my wife, and we whirl around each other for a while before reuniting in love.

When I turn and face my troubling emotions, in the end, it makes my light brighter. First, I use my Resilient Mindset of Courage and let myself feel vulnerable—to feel despair, grief, and upset. Then, something opens up in me. The tension transforms into authenticity.

My Centering Skill of Finding Gratitude also helps me hold the darkness. I can feel my gratitude seep into the cracks where it is dark inside.

Thanksgiving pulls forth the power of our Centering Skill: Finding Gratitude. When we spend time appreciating the love, understanding and care in our lives and our world, our hearts open to what we are called to BE. Gratitude fills our dark cracks, and we can better see the goodness of being human.

We invite you to follow your impulse to give gratitude, in your own extraordinary way, to the light of others.

Wishing you a peaceful and love-filled Thanksgiving!

With Resilience, 
Chuck and the Dovetail team

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