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Now is The Time to Practice Breathing Mindfully

One of our teen interns, Maggie Lee, was inspired to make the above video about Breathing Mindfully because she had experienced how useful Breathing Mindfully was in her life. In less than a minute, Breathing Mindfully can calm us and help us feel more centered. Every time I watch the video, I feel the power of this skill anew. 

While our lives are turned upside down with Omicron, and we feel the storm raging (again!), we can feel powerless, vulnerable, afraid, depressed, and/or frustrated. Breathing Mindfully can be a great Centering Skill in those situations. Easy to do, available any time. When we wake in the morning. As we wait for the coffee to brew. On our way to work. As we touch each door before entering a patient’s room or hit the button to begin a telehealth session. Going home. When we lie awake, worried…. So many opportunities! 

I invite you to try Breathing Mindfully. Use Maggie’s video if you want a little guidance. Maybe if we are all Breathing Mindfully, we can get through this next surge with a little more grace and kindness to each other. 

With Resilience,