We Are Resilient™: Introductory Handouts For Educators


This collection of one-page, colorful handouts in English presents the We Are Resilient approach in simple language for educators. 

The book of 34 one-page introductory handouts explains the mindsets, patterns, and skills in simple language and provides real-world examples. The Protective Patterns handouts describe when the Protective Pattern might be helping or limiting us and give us ways to think about how they might show up in our lives. The Resilient Skills handouts describe when and how to practice the skills, how educators can model and coach the skills for their students as well as ideas to think about and activities that can help us integrate the skill into our lives.

Topics include:

  • What is Resilience?
  • How Can We Become More Resilient?
  • What Are Resilient Mindsets?
  • What Are Cultural Patterns?
  • What are Protective Patterns?
  • As well a handout for each Resilient Mindset, Protective Pattern, Centering Skill, Connecting Skill, and Collaborating Skill.

Everyone who works in education will appreciate these helpful handouts.