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Resilience is an Ordinary Superpower

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My garden is a wonderful mirror of my own well-being. The flowers flourish or fade, depending on how well I take care of them. If I miss a watering on a very hot day, the earth dries and my flowers begin to wilt. If I start being self-critical, my self-esteem takes a hit. When I notice that my garden is too dry, I give it more water. When I use the Centering Skill of Noticing Myself with how my inner critic is pulling me down, I Breathe Mindfully or Nurture Myself by taking a walk and calling a friend. These Centering Skills return me to balance and help me appreciate the beauty of who I am.“Resilience is an Ordinary Superpower. It does not come from rare and special qualities but from the everyday magic of being human.”  ~Ann MastenI live in the ebb and flow of my Resilient nature. I spot that my neighbor has a pile of junk near my fence. It irks me. After Noticing Myself, I can either use my Centering Skill of Letting Go, or my Courage Resilient Mindset to walk next door and Speak Authentically to him so we can collaborate together on a solution. 

Or, I’m driving in heavy traffic, and some idiot cuts me off. Ouch! At first, I feel so judgmental. Then I move into my Resilient Skill of Curiosity. What might be happening for that driver? What is happening in me that I feel so judgmental? I use my Centering Skill of Breathing Mindfully to create space for my answers. My inner magic is alive and well when I pay attention to the sensation of breath in my body. I calm down, and I can think more clearly. 

Noticing Myself allows me to tap into my Resilient Superpowers. Are my jaws or shoulders tight? Is my stress constraining my breathing? Am I avoiding a difficult conversation? Or am I turning toward the magic of my superpowers and using them to help me lead my best life?

How can the Centering Skill of Noticing Myself help you tap into the magic of your Resilient Superpowers?

With Resilience, 
Chuck and the Dovetail Learning team